Why Forex Trading Gets More Popular Than Trading Stocks

Forex is different from trading stocks, but the benefits and risks are similar.

The Forex markets are quite different from the stock markets largely because the price behavior of the Forex pairs is different and entails abrupt price swings. This means traders should utilize trading methods different from those that are used to trade or select stocks so that traders may fully realize the profit potential Forex offers while still minimizing risk.

Both Forex and stocks, however, are similar in that they develop repeatable price trends that give traders enormous profit opportunities for those traders with strong trading methods, disciplined trading mindsets and sound money management tactics.

One of the reasons Forex has gained in popularity is the concept of Leverage, which allows traders to take Forex positions with a much smaller account size than would be required for trading stocks, and because the margin requirements for Forex are smaller than they are for stocks. This increases the reward ratio for profitable trades, but it also increases the risk.

For example, most brokers offer at least 100:1 leverage, which is more than enough to generate significant profits while maintaining sound risk management. Other brokers will offer up to 400:1 leverage — but the risk reward ratio is not in the trader’s favor with this type of leverage.

Leverage, combined with reduced margin requirements and high profit potential are the real driving forces of the expanding Forex trading market.

In addition, Forex is more predictable than thousands of stocks. It follows well established trends.

And: Foreign Currency Traders don’t suffer from a Global Recession.

In fact, there has been a multitude of opportunities in Foreign Currency during the Crash of 2008.

And there will always be a constant flow of opportunity in Forex.

Because as one economy slows, another surges.

Sometimes we see these mini surges daily, others are longer term trends that we can ride for bigger profts.

You’ll always be able to find financial imbalances in the Forex market, where you can proft.

Trading Forex has become a recession-proof business for those willing to learn the process of how markets
react in today’s volatile world events.

Trading Forex enables you to (re-)gain contol of your financial well-being.