eToro Affiliate

The eToro Forex affiliate program is another highly recommended program for affiliates to refer, the software offers a very fun interface and a very unique and fun perspective on trading, a game demo and lot's of other helpful stuff that makes trading fun and easy. eToro is another one of those high converting brokers which offer CPA starting at $100, or pay per lead $2 when somebody downloads the software even if they don't deposit any money, the CPA option pays $100 per deposting trader, plus revenue share and they also pay tier commissions for your sub-affiliates.

This program also offers lot's of great promotional materials for their affiliates including lot's of banners, rotating banners, reviews, tracking links and more creatives that you can set to work with to start earning your massive Forex affiliate commissions.

Also offering real time stats, custom reports, summary reports, an affiliate FAQ and other helpful information for affiliates to gather.

Please note that they also offer some great promotional bonuses usually on a monthly basis.

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Easy-Forex Affiliate Program

The Easy-Forex affiliate program is the leading Forex referral program on the internet. Offering a very strong CPA + Hybrid Solution affiliate commission structure. The Easy-Forex Forex referral program pays up to $10,000 for just one referred trader, starting with up to $250 affiliate commission plus 10% revenue share from your referred Forex trader.

As mentioned above this is the best Forex affiliate program offering banners in various sizes, white lables and more great creatives to help you establish extrodinary Forex affiliate marketing campaigns. The Easy Forex affiliate program also offers real time tracking and modern statistics tracking in general, referred user performance reports and other fine ways to examine the progress of your affiliate marketing, and how many clicks and registrants you get from simply placing their Forex banners on your site.

Easy Forex also offers a FAQ so you can learn more about their service, as well they offer creative material that explains more about the forex market in general. Here you will find all kinds of helpful creatives to work with.

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