Forex Fundamental Analysis

The main approach to the analysis of the Forex market analysis, technical and fundamental analysis. And includes studies and analysis of economic indicators, asset markets and political considerations in the assessment of the nation in terms of currency to another. Focus on analysis and is located on the main economic, social and political forces that demand and supply. There is a set of beliefs that guide fundamental Forex analysis, most analysts still do not have to look at various macroeconomic indicators such as economic growth, interest rates, inflation and unemployment.

Here we look at some of the largest Forex fundamental factors that play a role in the movement of currencies:

Economic indicators

Economic indicators and reports issued by public or private organizations, a detailed economic efficiency. These indicators can be placed on a weekly basis, but generally the monthly report. Indicators based on a number of economic conditions, which are important factors, international trade and interests. Other factors include the consumer price index), and purchasing managers index (Red Cross), and the demand for durable goods, retail, rising producer price index).


Content is one of the main factors, the main interest rates and economic characteristics of each country. Usually the country for the interest in the country of the currency strengthened against other currencies, such as the transfer of assets to obtain a higher yield. Higher interest is usually not good news for the stock market. This is due to the fact that many investors money from the stock market, where there is an increase in interest rates.

International trade

The trade balance with the net difference (time) between the imports and exports of the nation. The trade deficit may be the management of monetary and economic disaster. It can not exist when the deficit country imports more than exports, which means that more money and leave, at least in some aspects, but the trade deficit and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing. Disability only if the negative deficit is higher than the expectations of the market and therefore will result in a negative price movement.