Reasons for people to get into Forex

I have seen many times peoples always ask why I should trade in Forex. Forex trading has different offers for small and large investors. Here I would like to solve this puzzle a bit and would try to give some valuable reasons why should people go to trade in forex.

Forex trading is immediate: Forex market is superbly fast. Your order gets filled and gets executed within 1-2 seconds. Since all the things are done automatically with no humans involved. Forex trading online proves to be more profitable than any other form of trading.

Free from bulls or bears: As forex trading is buying one currency while simultaneously selling another you probably have an equal opportunity for profit. And another advantage is there are quite a less number of currencies in comparison of thousands of stock, options, futures.

By far Forex is the largest market: Forex market has touched the mark of 3 trillion 4 times larger than the market of equity 6 times bigger than futures which facilitates unlimited flexibility and liquidity.

Forex trading offers leverages: Some online forex broker offers 200:1 margin ratios in your trading accounts. Mini forex account normally opened with $200-300. That’s why more and more people are moving towards forex trading.

24 hours trading: You can trade forex online 24*7. No waiting for market to get opened. This is the most amazing feature of online forex trading.

Forex prices are conventional to know: Prices of various currencies are predictable though volatile. Forex experts have that extra bit of knowledge through which they can predict the entry and exit points.

There is no commission charged in forex trading: No commission, no exchange fee or no hidden charges. This is very transparent market and the broker takes a small percentage of bid/ask spread. Forex trader does not require calculating commissions and fees on the trade