Technical analysis

It is based on the following assumptions:

1. Combined market forces (political events, economic conditions, seasonal fluctuations, supply and demand) cause currency price movements considered in Forex trading strategies.

2. Currency prices on the Forex market follow trends. Predictable consequences have been linked with many recognized market patterns.

3. Forex trading strategies can rely on historical trends to predict current price movements. Forex market data has been collected for the last 100 years, over that time certain patterns have become emergent. Human psychology and the way people react to certain circumstances are the basis of these patterns.

Most traders consider technical analysis to be of critical importance even though they may also use fundamental analysis to support and confirm their Forex trading strategies. Unlike fundamental analysis, technical analysis can be applied to many currencies and markets at the same time. Since fundamental analysis requires detailed knowledge of the economic and political conditions of a certain country, it is nearly impossible for any single trader to perform it properly on more than a few countries.

Forex beginners may consider the complexities of technical analysis overwhelming and even unnecessary but if you wish to ensure the success of your Forex trading strategies do not ignore both analysis types.

Any quality online Forex broker should be able to supply you with a large variety of online charts for technical analysis. Working out your Forex trading strategies, you can purchase in-depth professional charts, there is usually a monthly fee involved in gaining access to this information. There is also free software available to help you with charting. Good charts are updated in real time.

Mapping out your Forex trading strategies, you should learn the market and study trends before you begin active trading. Most brokers will provide you with a practice account where you can place "paper trades" - practice trades where no real money is made or lost. But they act just like a real trade, so you can see exactly how your trade would have turned out if you had placed it for real. This allows you to become familiar with your broker's system as well as learning about the market without risking any money.

The second part of this article explores various charts and indicators you need to use while planning your unique Forex trading strategies.